Vestacp is a free, open-source control panel with a website, email, database, and DNS functionality. In this tutorial, you will install the Control Panel on a Ubuntu or CentOS server. How to deploy the application in cloud hosting, for now, use – Digital Ocean

Configure shh to configure a password with your project using Putty?

You need to download and install the pots on your computer –

download from here:, or you can use CMD (if you know the usage).

How to Set up Server Digital Ocean

1.Create droplet Digital Ocean
2.Select an image (any version of Ubuntu)
3. Choose a plan
4. Select a database zone
5. Authentication – Select a one-time password so you can set any password you want, and you will receive the temporary password via email.
6.Select a hostname (enter anything or use the default)

How To Install VestaCP In Digital Ocean, Vultr And Other Cloud Hostings

Access your server via SSH. Since Vestascp handles the creation of single-user accounts, this tutorial assumes that you are logged in as the root user to perform the initial setup.

How To Install VestaCP In Digital Ocean , Vultr And Other Cloud Hostings

download the installation script:

curl -O

This copy is wrapped around the official Vestacp installation copy. You will open it in your favorite text editor to see what it does. It uses the official script to put into the software, then updates the admin interface to use port 5600.

Make the script executable:

chmod +x

Finally, run the script to install VestaCP. You can pass any option supported by the official installation script, which you can find on Vestacp’s installation page. We use the –force option. Otherwise, the installer may complain about an admin group on some machines:

./ --force

The script will ask you a few interactive questions and then take about 5-15 minutes to complete the installation. The URL for your admin interface is printed with the admin login information:

Congratulations, you have just successfully installed Vesta Control Panel 
https://Server Ip Address:8083 
username: admin 
password: a-random-password
How To Install VestaCP In Digital Ocean , Vultr And Other Cloud Hostings

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