PayPal holds great brand authority for online payment, which is one reason that the starting PayPal has become one of the hottest dilemma between online sellers.

To resolve this issue, we have decided to dedicate this post on ‘how to collect on PayPal’, or put simply get a refund for your purchase.

In the following section, we discuss the ‘what is starting?’ And ‘how to chargeback on PayPal?

What is a Chargeback?

PayPal defines it as “… when a customer files a chargeback with their credit card issuer, it means that they’re disputing a charge and asking the card issuer for a refund”

How to Chargeback on PayPal to Get Your Money Back

Buyers may demand a refund for the transaction and inform their credit card company to cancel/refund.

This refund is called “chargebacks” in terms of banking.

In the case of a chargeback, PayPal will freeze the funds in the account of the seller. There are several reasons that can result in a chargeback:

  • The buyer did not receive the product (s)
  • A buyer who received damaged or defective item (s)
  • Buyers do not recognize/remember the credit card payment
  • Buyers receive fees get more than once for the transaction
  • When the buyer does not authorize payment
How to Chargeback on PayPal to Get Your Money Back

In the case of a chargeback on PayPal, the seller raises the cost of the bill but this fee can be waived (some cases) off if the seller subscribe Seller Protection Policy.

A good salesman can manage the way the bill at PayPal using e-commerce breakthrough assurance and application verification order. This application fills a modicum of order to verify warranties and guarantees refund of 100% in the case of the bill.

How PayPal Works Chargeback

In general, when a buyer requests a refund, the service immediately contacts the buyer’s credit card issuer. PayPal does not hold any authority over the chargeback process though.

That is how the process of starting to work with PayPal.

  1. Buyers ask for chargeback from their credit card issuer for a chargeback. A phone call or email with detailed evidence sufficient transaction.
  2. The credit card issuer then inform the official PayPal merchant bank and withdraw funds from their accounts.
  3. PayPal then put on hold and is considered the starting fund them untouched.
  4. Both buyer and seller then notified via email. PayPal will ask for any information that can help resolve the chargeback.

That’s the basic PayPal chargeback process.

When dealing with chargebacks, a few points to keep in mind:

  • The buyer is entitled to the bill on the PayPal transaction for 120 days or more after placing the order.
  • Sellers who accept the bill has a term of 10 days to respond to the dispute.
  • Charges in PayPal usually take a matter of weeks, but may take up to 75 days or more depending on the case.

How can Sellers manage chargeback on PayPal

Normally, PayPal side by providing them a complete refund buyer while sellers left hanging. You can always get a PayPal seller protection, but those features come with the rules and restrictions of the leading sellers of their own place.

Signifyd, is the leading solutions available in the app store Shopify is specifically designed to support the seller in case the bill. Features guarantee Signifyd eCommerce allows sellers to mitigate the challenges of developing eCommerce.

Can You Use Paypal on Aliexpress?

Signifyd give the seller some brilliant features are:

  • assess the reliability and validity of the order automatically

Signifyd automatically assess all transactions and verify if the order will be completed or not. All secure the protection of the bill to make sure the seller is not a big loss.

  • Provides auto fraud prevention

Zero fraud prevention features ensure all your transactions. In the case of PayPal fraud chargeback, the application Signifyd seller offers a brilliant verification system that ensures no fraudulent transaction can go through. Refund payments made within 48 hours to the seller.

  • Provides fraud insurance

Liability insurance as mentioned above blanket 100% refund and bills. In the case of fraudulent transactions has ever received, Signifyd covers sales costs and chargeback fees.

  • Automatic Order Approval / Rejection

Leading edge Signifyd console allows you to manage orders automatically delete the busy task. Signifyd verified automatically send orders for processing while orders declined abandoned.

To learn more about Signifyd, check out this page.

How Do I Prevent PayPal Chargeback Scams?

How to Chargeback on PayPal to Get Your Money Back

Among other types of fraud that buyers can do include:

  • Claims that the product is not delivered, when in fact they have.
  • When the buyer claims defective products, but actually they were fine.
  • Disputing the quality of the product or service.
  • The claim that the transaction was not authorized by them.

The absence of proper legal bills eCommerce is the main reason many successful buyer frauds. Developments in eCommerce have led to very easily but also encourages fraud from various parts of the world.

You can take some steps to make sure your store is not exposed to fraud:

  1. Never sent to a freight company, has always sent to the buyer’s home address
  2. IP Address Verification buyers. Then verify if the billing and shipping addresses complied with, IP and location
  3. Use customer and verifying that the tool that identifies the buyer fraud. For example. Fraud is not an application in Shopify
  4. Make sure you store complied with all of the FTC Rule
  5. Create an accurate description and products that easy, so there is no objection then of buyers
  6. Very clear about the quality of products & features, do not forget to mention anything
  7. Being in contact with customers 24/7 via telephone, email or WhatsApp
  8. Publish the contact information on the webstore
  9. Always consider having a PayPal Seller Protection – it may not be perfect but it’s still a great way to protect against fraud
  10. Always check the email address you sent PayPal reject notice. Sometimes scammers create fake PayPal emails related to submitting fraudulent. (See example below)

Differences between Chargebacks and PayPal Disputes

Because we already know what is starting, let’s quickly overview of Bills vs PayPal PayPal Dispute.

How to Chargeback on PayPal to Get Your Money Back

In terms of buyers and sellers failed to agree to terms, the buyer can launch a dispute through their dashboard. PayPal freeze the funds until the two sides reached a resolution.

Buyers and sellers are required to negotiate on this point, in case the two parties fail to agree on PayPal moderation involved to resolve the issue and is then called “inflated claims”.

involved parties

The first difference is of the parties involved. The bill at PayPal involving buyers and their credit card issuer.

In case of dispute PP administration continues to trouble at home to get it settled between buyer and seller.

account Suspensions

In the case of the bill in PayPal, buyers can not make transactions and account status they went to the “suspended”.

In a dispute, only the amount for which the remnants of the disputed transactions were detained, the buyer’s account remains active for other transactions.


The credit card company holds the authority and make a decision in a chargeback.

In a dispute, the first buyer and seller reach an agreement without escalation. If both sides do not agree, PP moderator steps in and offers the best resolution for both.

Resolution Times

Chargebacks may take up to a minimum of 6 weeks to get the results.

Dispute takes no longer than one month, with both buyers and sellers are required to act quickly.

Other types of Objections in PayPal

Objections means any undesirable event occurs in the PayPal transaction. Buyer, seller or even a bank can do mind.

Generally, three types of objections occur at PayPal,

  • Dispute

Buyers initiate a dispute, when a problem with the transaction occurs.

Dispute reason
disputes may occur for two reasons:

  • Item Not Received (INR): In this case, the buyer claims not to accept orders after payment.
  • Significantly Not as Described (SNAD): In this case, the buyer claims the product is not up to expectations as described by the seller or the different products.

The complaint is through the PayPal resolution center However, PayPal will not be involved in the scene of the dispute. Sellers will receive an email where it can directly contact the customer to resolve the dispute.

  • Claim

The claim is an advanced version of the dispute when the dispute is not resolved within 20 days, and buyers is increasing the problem to PayPal.

Another reason for the claim ‘unauthorized transaction‘. This means the buyer’s account might be compromised or hacked and someone makes a purchase from your account without their permission.

In the claims, the seller has 10 days to respond. If the seller does not finish within a certain time, PayPal will cover claims favor of the buyer.

If the seller responds within 10 days, PayPal will evaluate the claim and resolve the case within 30 days. However, in complex cases, it could take a long time.

  • reversal Bank

This happens when the buyer or request the Bank to refund transactions conducted by the bank account.

Reasons for Reversal Bank:

Bank reversal usually occurs when someone uses the buyer’s account information without their consent. The situation in which the bank reversal occurs,

  • buyer bank accounts used to purchase items without their permission.
  • identity unknown buyer transactions.
  • When the purchased goods do not arrive.
  • Buyers were charged twice for the same item.

PayPal Billing – Frequently Asked Questions

how to get a refund on PayPal if scammed?

For buyers, getting money from PayPal, after being scammed, the process is very easy and can be done by reporting a dispute with PayPal using their dashboard. Decisions usually take 5 to 10 days and the majority decided in favor of the buyer. PayPal will return the money to the buyer after the investigation.

For the seller, it is very difficult to get a refund. PayPal is not an ideal method for its use without the Seller Protection service, but even in the case of protection, some cases were decided in favor of the buyer. As a recommendation, the seller must keep all evidence of transactions and sales

PayPal Payments can be Reversed?

Yes, the PayPal payment can be reversed when a chargeback occurs. the buyer has the authority to request their credit card provider to reverse a payment made through a PayPal account.

Is PayPal safe to sellers on Craigslist?

Send and receive PayPal payments safe most of the time. Nevertheless, on this website, there are higher for you to find the scammer will promise to make payments through PayPal but did not follow through it. To identify fraudulent Craigslist PayPal Here are some points mentioned for your guidance.

How to Chargeback on PayPal to Get Your Money Back

If you come in every conversation is just backwards, it is a scam.

How to get the money back from PayPal friends and family disputes?

There is no guarantee of getting a refund from PayPal friends and family disputes. Because there is no buyer protection options available if you transfer money as a friend.

So, to avoid the transfer of money to anyone as a friend or family if you do not know the recipient.

Can you get scammed by using PayPal?

There have been cases in the past where some scammers hack someone’s PayPal account. You must be keen to identify a fake email or activities that are uncertain in your PayPal account. PayPal payments are usually replaced if you could confirm about being scammed or hacked.

How do I link a debit or credit card to my PayPal account?

You can connect your debit card / credit to your account as follows:

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Click Wallet button above your dashboard page
  3. Click + Link card or bank
  4. Next, click the link Debit or Credit Card
  5. Fill the box supplied with your card details

What PayPal chargeback time limit?

Buyers can submit a bill of 120 days or more after making a purchase. A seller has 10 days to respond to a chargeback. Normally, the bills take up to several weeks to process. Depending on the complexity of the case of multiple bills can take 75 days or more to process.

What happens to the PayPal Seller Dispute?

In the case of a refund, no account gets frozen or put on hold, buyers and sellers are asked to come to an agreement. If that does not happen, then the PayPal dispute resolution comes to resolve these issues and move disputed claims.

Can I cancel a payment in PayPal?

Recurring payment is canceled through your dashboard, but, one time payment can not be canceled and must go through a process of dispute or chargeback.

How to chargeback on PayPal debit card?

You can get a bill at PayPal debit card as a credit card / debit card to demand a refund from the bank. That amount should take 3-5 days to get back to your account.

How to Work PayPal for Sellers

PayPal is a payment gateway is primarily designed to help buyers make secure payments for online purchases. This service has never really been an ideal method for sellers. This is largely due to the lack of protection provided to the seller. PayPal, however, accepts payments in 25 different currencies from 200 countries around the world.

Type Seller Account

PayPal allows sellers to send and receive payments through the accounts of all three types, namely basic, premium, and businesses.

A basic account allows receiving payments but only allows withdrawals of $ 500 per month. When the bank account linked to your PayPal account, it is then classified and remove premium withdrawal limit. A business account is roughly equal to a premium account, provide facilities for multiple users to access the account.

PayPal account Seller Fees

Sellers with companies registered in PayPal also pay a fee of 2.9% + $ 0.30 for each sales transaction. E-shop owners who do not use or Shopify eCommerce platform can embed PayPal for $ 5 per month. E-Store owners can also take advantage of PayPal Payments Pro service that basically allows sellers to accept credit card payments over the phone.

receive payment

When the buyer pays for the purchase payment may take upto 5 days to show up in the account of the seller. Usually, if payment is made by the buyer account associated with the bank, card, or PayPal balance then immediately sent to the seller, which then can deliver the goods. In the case of eCheck payment, payment is usually clear between 5 and 7 days.

seller protection

PayPal offers fraud protection through the seller from the buyer Seller Protection feature. The process is fairly simple:

  • Sellers only deliver goods to the official PayPal address for buyers
  • PayPal buyer authorized address register in advance
  • Official addresses are verified through a bank account or credit card information
  • Sellers are advised to provide a tracking number as poof delivery

In add points as mentioned earlier, there are several other conditions to meet in order to qualify for payment Seller Protection. The first is that if the order is above $ 250, the seller must provide a signature for authentication. This is followed by the principle that the goods must be sent within 7 days of order. After all of these terms have been met, PayPal guarantee payment to delivery and the product (s).

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